Abusing URL Schemes for an Improved User Experience

User experience is everything.

If you’re a web developer building a video streaming feature that works well on mobile browsers, you’ve probably already encountered the WebRTC limitation that exists on iPhone. If not, it’s essentially this: although WebRTC is supported in all flagship browsers (and has been since 2016) on iOS, it only works in Safari.

The Problem


A group of snow white Leonen jogged through the village clutching elaborate spears in their handpaws, while high on the ridge a small gray figure in hooded robes stopped to watch.

Her fur was still dark and dappled with a juveniles spots, but she imagined herself among the tribe’s hunters all the same, appearing and disappearing through the swirling mists of the Black Forest like the Panthera of old.


She’d lingered too long.

Her mother turned back down the steps leading to Temple of Bast to pinch her ear. “No one has been late in generations, and no daughter…

The buttons in our Sketch Library at Doggos.com are made up of four parts — two shape layers, a color symbol, and text. From these deceptively simple pieces, we can create any variation of Button that our interface demands. Here is how we do it.


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